10 — 17 Feb 2018
Canary Islands
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  • It's easy
    No need to know anything: we'll teach you. You can either help the active crew or just relax.
  • Great company
    Our super power is to gather interesting people together. You'll definitely make lots of good friends here.
  • It's affordable
    The price per person is only 680 euro. Skipper and basic yacht training are included.
  • 2 yachts, 16 people
    We'll sail 2 boats Jeanneau and Beneteau, 8 people each.
  • 7 days, 180 miles
    We'll board the boat on 10th Feb and leave it on 17th Feb. The approximate distance of our journey is 180 miles.
  • 1 carnival
    We'll see (and take part for sure!) the most colourful carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • What to do while sailing
    You'll learn how to pilot the boat, find out the names of all the lines on it, learn how do the sails work, how to plot the routes and tie a couple of sailing knots. And even more: you can go fishing, drink champagne, take sunbathes, swim in the ocean, spot some whales, make selfies, take part in a dinghie race and climb to the top of the mast.
  • What to eat and drink
    Before departure we'll go to the grocery and buy everything we need for the entire week. There's a little kitchen with oven and the kettle on board so we can cook though unpretentious pasta with cheese, at least tuna steak served with asparagus, spinach sauce and capers – whatever is on your mind! And also we can always go to the restaurant at any marina.
  • Where to sleep
    There are 4 double cabins on each yacht with a large double bed, lockers, lamps and sockets. You can find WC and shower just next to your cabin. Also you can sleep on the couch in the saloon or better go outside to the fresh air with the blanket: bright clear starts and the sound of splashing water will make you sleep like a baby.
Want to know more about the seasickness, gales and Wi-Fi at the open sea? We've got answers for you right here.
What yachts we charter
Jeanneau 45 exterior
Jeanneau interior: kitchen, 4 cabins, 3 WCs, 3 showers
Double bed, ports, lamps, sockets in each cabin
1st day
Arrival at the Tenerife airport, transfer to Radazul marina, check-in, shopping, dinner, meeting with the crew, the first yacht party.

2nd day
Safety briefing, sailing to the Gran Canaria island (55 nautical miles). Gran Canaria is the third biggest island of the Canary archipelago. We'll go ashore for the sightseeing: house-museum of Christopher Columbus, Cathedral of Santa Ana, walk along medieval streets, and finally we'll have an amazing paella for dinner.
3rd day
We spend a day in Gran Canaria, so we can either rent a car and ride to the south of the island near the dunes of Maspalomas or just roam the capital city of Las Palmas, or even walk in the various national parks near by. We'll start our night sailing to Santa Cruz de Tenerife late in the evening (55 miles).

4th day

Hooray! We are just about to see the second biggest carnival in the world (after the Rio de Janeiro's one) and take part in the main colourful costumed procession – Gran Coso Apoteosis, which ends with great fireworks. And this is not the end of the night! If you still can, you are free to join night parties, which start all around the city right after the fireworks. Just don't forget to come back to your cozy yacht to take a little nap.
5th day
We'll sail a little near the marina to fish, see dolphins, swim and chill on the yacht. No need to hurry. We'll come back to the marina about 5 p.m. so you'll still have enough time to visit Auditorio de Tenerife – the masterpiece of the modern architecture, and be ready for the closing event of the carnival – "The Burial of the Sardine", which starts at 9 p.m.

6th day
Departing from Santa Cruz to visit the city of Candelaria with its famous Basilica of the Royal Marian Shrine, to fish and maybe to spot some whales on the way. Our final destination for the day will be either marina Radazul or San Miguel (where the wind will blow).
7th day
If we find ourselves at San Miguel in the morning, we'll sail to Radazul, if not we can rent a car and go to the Teide volcano. There will be the dinner and the closing party on the yacht at night, so you can share your impressions of our journey and far-reaching plans of becoming a skipper or even buying your very own yacht.

8th day
Transfer to the airport. If you are not in a hurry, you can still go up to the top of the Teide volcano and look inside the crater, take sunbathes on the white beaches of Costa Adeje or even go to the other island by ferry.
What to see and what to learn
The price per person is only 680 euro
  • 680 euro includes:
    • Accommodation in the double cabin on the yacht
    • Linen
    • Safety briefing
    • Skipper services
    • Basic yacht training: navigation, sailing, VHF
  • Not included:
    • Visa (we'll give you a crew list that replaces the usual hotel booking confirmation)
    • Airline tickets
    • Medical insurance
    • Transfer to and from the airport
    • Food, mooring fees at the marinas, fuel
The total price is about 1270 euro
We understand how difficult is to calculate the total expenses for the newcomers, so we've done our best to calculate it for you. It's almost the price of the all inclusive tour, which includes flight tickets, food and mooring fees. You won't spent more unless you are going to buy some lobsters and a bottle of Hennessy. The total expenses consists of:
- yacht accommodation per person - 680 euro
- flight tickets (for example, from Paris) - you have to buy them yourself, and you better buy them in advance to save some money. Right now the flight costs about 235 euro roundtrip
- daily expenses (food, mooring fees etc.) 355 euro. You have to pay that amount when you meet us on the yacht.

We make yacht journeys affordable and show all our expenses, so if you find a better price ask whether fuel, mooring fees, skipper services, food and water are included.
What to bring with you
  • Clothes
    Swimsuit, 3-4 t-shirts, shorts, trousers, windbreaker, cap, sunglasses with a safety lace, yacht gloves (if you are going to help the active crew while sailing), sneakers with white rubber sole
  • Luggage
    Soft travel bag, waterproof bag for the documents and important belongings
  • Hygienic supplies
    Sunscreen, toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo and shower gel, soap and underwear for the whole trip
  • Documents
    ID (passport), medical insurance, cash, driving license (if you have one)
  • Meds
    All that you usually need for a normal journey plus pills for the motion sickness
  • What to skip
    Rings and other jewellery, high heel shoes, clutches, evening dresses
Spend 7 days at Canary islands.
When else you'll visit those places?
Try what you've never tried before.
Meet new people.
See whales.
Let the wind and the sea seize your thoughts.
So let's set sails and go!
About us
We are not professional yachtsmen trained from the very childhood. We are a team of journalists, IT-engineers, marketers who once fell in love with sailing and started to gather interesting people together for amazing journeys. Our community grows but the idea stays the same: not to just sell tours but to spend awesome 7 days sailing with wonderful people.

We always charter yachts and sail ourselves. If you want you can help us with that or you can just take sunbath, go fishing, drink champagne and make some selfies. The most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable and keep pleasant memories of our journeys so you'll sail with us again and again.
  • Interesting routes: no boring guides
  • Everything is already organised: just pack your bag
  • It's safe: we've got the experienced skippers
  • Experience is not needed: you'll learn everything on the spot
We are not a travel agency or professional yachtsmen. We gather together those who prefer to get to the new places not through the suburban industrial zones or crowded airports but by sea, on sailing yachts.
Igor Trofimov
skipper, founder of Sail Gang
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